Quest Protein Bars - 6 Flavours

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  • The first low carb protein bar to use only high quality protein & carb sources
  • Sweet tasting bars with just 1g of sugar
  • 20g of protein per bar
  • Amazing range of flavours that beats any other protein bar
  • The world's best selling protein bar
  • Very low in sugars
  • High fibre aids fullness and helps keep dieters on track

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Quest Unleash a Revolution

The founders of Quest did not have a background in sports nutrition but in business and were quick to see that in the one area they were passionate about, bodybuilding, consumers were being fed a lie about the benefits of protein bars that in all reality were one step up from chocolate in many cases and even a step down in some peoples' eyes. Why when protein powders had come on so much since the 1980s had bars stayed stuck in the same place?

Superior Protein Sources

Everybody knew that whey isolate and milk protein isolate were among the very best protein sources available being low in fat, easy to digest and absolutely chock full of recovery enhancing essential amino acids and the exact opposite of the bars of the past which relied heavily on inferior proteins like soy, calcium caseinate and the aforementioned collagen. What Quest did was to finally make a bar using these that tasted good and did not turn into a brick after being made.

The First Genuine Low Carb Bar

Once the protein had been selected Quest turned to the other macronutrient of concern to fitness fans - carbohydrates. Once again, the protein powder market was dominated by now by brands whose protein powders were low in carbohydrates and high in protein and yet the only bars on the market before Quest were either loaded in sugars, or sugar alcohols which are not healthy for the body to consume. After hundreds of experiments Quest found that a class of carbohydrate existed which had the same sweetness as sugar but was actually digested by the body as a fibre. When this designer carbohydrate was blended with the whey and milk protein the core ingredients in Quest Bars had arrived.

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