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Stress-Control ™ - is a dietary supplement containing 6 ADAPTOGENS in the squad, which consists of 5 standardized plant extracts and L-theanine - a natural amino acid derived from green tea. Active ingredients ADAPTOGENS help your body adjust to life in the everyday stress. The preparation additionally contains magnesium and vitamin B6 and B5 (pantothenic acid), substances to support the nervous system in a state of excessive mental and physical load. How stress affects the body? Almost 65% of the adult population of people experience every day the effects of stress and unfortunately, this number increases. We live in a world where stress is an integral part of our everyday professional and private life. Stress is a natural defense mechanism of the body, works well in situations of sudden threat, when a rapid response to stimuli (stressors), but it can cause harmful effects if it lasts too long. If it is caused by the challenges of everyday life and our body performs its capabilities do not have time to regenerate, we feel excited, anxious, nervous and notoriously tired. Living in constant stress can lead to many serious complications. Its effects can lead to changes in the area of ​​our behavior, cognitive functions and emotions. The most common symptoms of stress can include: lack of appetite, tendency to addiction (alcohol), deep and rapid breathing, excessive sweating, decreased libido, changes in social behavior, sleep problems, nightmares. Stress also lowers our immunity and hinders the proper functioning of the nervous system, leading to a drop in concentration and ability to think creatively, weakens our perception. This leads to a decrease in our efficiency, explosions of extreme emotions and feelings (anger, sadness, depression), the states of increased activity and mobilization leads to fatigue and weakness.

What are ADAPTOGENS and what is their effect on the human body in stressful situations? Nowadays, we can not avoid stress, but we can learn how to effectively deal with it and control its symptoms. With the help comes to us the nature of providing adaptogens. These are substances that increase the body's ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions and surroundings. They usually occur in plants, which biologically active compounds can act in the human body regulatory functions, supporting its resistance to stressful situations encountered in everyday life. They do not have at the same sedative effects, but only adaptive and mobilizing, because in contrast to the plant raw materials such as tranquilizers. Valerian not otumaniają and even enhance cognitive skills, improving concentration and ability to think logically. Adaptogens have the adaptability of the body, help control reactions to stress factors faced by us in professional and private life.

As contained in STRESS CONTROL ™ active adaptogens help overcome the effects of stress? STRESS CONTROL ™ is a complex of carefully selected adaptogens, in the form of standardized plant extracts enriched with L-theanine - an adaptogen BLEND, in addition supplement consists of: magnesium, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. STRESS CONTROL ™ is formulated such that the active substances used complementary in action, with scientifically proven adaptogenic properties on the body. Adaptogen BLEND: The extract of the Rosary mountain (Rhodiola rosea) standardized to 4% of the content rosawin increase capacity for work, preferably affecting the physical and mental fitness, reducing fatigue and increasing resistance to physical stress and mental Chinese Astragalus extract (Astragalus membranaceus) standardized to 20% of the content of polysaccharides stimulate the immune system, increasing the body's natural resistance to harmful external factors Ashwagandy extract (Withania somnifera) standardized to 1.5% of the content witanolidów which cancel out the effects of chronic stress, enhance cognitive abilities (improve memory and concentration), favorably affect the immune system Extract of Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) standardized to 0.8% of the content eleuterozydów that assist the body exhausted by excessive mental and physical activity, which is the result of długotrwało stress, can improve concentration and capacity to work, especially in states of chronic fatigue The extract of maca root (Lepidium meyenii) contains natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals, has the properties of the body adapting to adverse environmental conditions, supports the nervous system L-theanine - one of the components of green tea, because of its properties is called "relaxing amino acid" (the substance is impacting directly on the brain, increasing the activity of the waves with a frequency of "alpha", which is a signal that the brain is in a state relaxation). L-theanine does not cause drowsiness while, it supports the processes of learning, concentration and improves mood. What additional substances favorably affecting combat the effects of stress include preparation STRESS CONTROL ™? The supplement was additionally enriched with substances necessary for the body exposed to environmental stress, enhancing each other's effects on the body. Magnesium contained in the preparation is required for proper operation of the nervous system, may help immunize brain functions and stress responses. Vitamin B6 is essential for metabolism of magnesium and increases its absorption and beneficial effect on the nervous system, eliminating the effects of stress. Pantothenic acid is necessary for energy production, its deficiency causes a feeling of notorious fatigue.

Who should use the preparation STRESS CONTROL ™? The supplement is recommended especially for the people permanently exposed to environmental stress, living in a constant hurry, professionally active, whose work is fraught with high responsibility and / or causes a high burden psychophysical organism. The product is recommended every adult person having a problem with excessive response to stimuli (stressors), sentient caused over this annoyance.

Dosage: Recommended daily dose: 1 capsule 3 times daily or otherwise after consultation with your doctor.

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