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Grenade's DARK CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY Carb Killa bar is sure to take the win for any dark chocolate lover who're also seeking something a little fruity! It's taken a little while...but this is one of the first vegetarian Grenade Bars to join the range! Still keeping the same delicious layered texture & guilt-free nutritionals!! So dark chocolate?! Oh yes for Grenade, a shade richer than the usual milk choc!! Dark choc nibs, a raspberry cream style caramel layer, then a suuuuuper soft, 'fluffy' almost - think cake batter, think whipped, think squiiiiishy - more so than the previous line up we have to say!!

Whilst Dark Choc Raspberry may not be for everyone - we have to say, we're fans...think those dark choc raspberry Magnums (if you haven't tried one...we'd recommend also:P)!! Deliciously balanced with a burst of berrrrry flavour with rich dark chocolate bursting through from the nibs!! SO, much, TEXTURE!! Now EVERYONE can try one of these badboys because they're FINALLY entirely vegetarian (just this flavour for now, but we reckon there's more to come)!!

Coming in at about 233 calories, with 20g protein and less than 2g sugar. Each bar features a dark chocolate coating with raspberry chunks throughout giving a truly chocolate bar-esque experience...but without the guilt! Bit of an odd Marmite flavour? Sure, but we've always been pleasantly surprised by these unique fruity, dark chocolate flavours and we're sure you will too!

Why Grenade Carb Killa Low-Carb Protein Bar - Dark Chocolate Raspberry Flavour?!

  • 21g Protein
  • Outstanding Flavour
  • Low Sugar
  • Low Carb
  • Unique & delicious Dark Chocolate Raspberry combo
  • Vegetarian friendly!!