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Ironflex Arganine is a nutritional supplement for sportsmen who seek to improve the performance of their workouts .Ironflex Arganine take part in the synthesis of nitric oxide,creatineand growth hormone,which leads to an increase in the physical performance f the body.This affects the increase in muscle mass and strength.In addition ,it increase the effectiveness of the performed exercises and accelerates th rate of muscle recovery after trainin.It also supports the process of reducing body fat.Ironflex Arganine is also useful for improving sexual performance.



l-arginine HCL

Vitamin B6

Vitamin c

Silicon dioxide



Ironflex experts  advise taking Arganine before training,diluting 2.5-5grams of product(1-2 scoops) with 200ml of water.In days of rest,add a single serving before bedtime.


Not intended for use during pregnancy and lsctation.Keep out of the reach of children.Do nt exceed the recomended daaily dose