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The combination of supplementation with two amino acids guarantees better blood supply to muscle tissue, oxygenation and nutrition of the muscles, which in turn results in the desired pump effect. A much more valuable effect of using a combination of arginine and citrulline, from the point of view of body and strength progress, it is to provide perfect conditions for the synthesis of muscle fibers. What's more, the use of supplements promotes post-workout regeneration, thanks to which the process of muscle fiber reconstruction occurs much more effectively. .

The synergism of arginine and citrulline action causes a comprehensive interaction of the substance and maximization of nitric oxide production. This combination allows not only to increase the muscle pump, but also, thanks to it, we gain an unusual opportunity to maintain proper muscle function. Hybridization of supplements guarantees improvement of aerobic fitness and reduction of lactic acid condensation in muscles, which significantly increases the effects of the regeneration period and helps to maximize strength results